Love Your Natural

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. It is the truism that began my journey of ATARA BELLA. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease I finally had the answer to why my skin would have reactions to unknown circumstances consistently. In the process, I had to learn what worked for me all over again.

My mother once told me as a child, everything comes from the Earth. She said a Deer in nature knows where to go to find what they need for healing. With that in mind, I began to explore plants, herbs, oils and traditions -finding out through research what made them so special. While making my own skin essentials in my kitchen, I wanted to create something that was all-natural, and organic to find the perfect combination to soothe my skin. Aromatherapy was the next level that combined my love of fragrance with natural simplicity.

ATARA BELLA was birthed while creating in my kitchen something that worked for me, that I learned later could help others.

I still hold true to the same principles of all-natural, vegan optional and organic simplicity that worked for me. My hope is that through ATARA BELLA everyone can explore their natural and feel good about the skin they live in. Naturally.

-V.Marie Williams, Founder


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