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Even the most casual of beauty converts will have noticed the recent rise and rise of natural beauty. But, as someone admittedly obsessed with all things product, transitioning my tightly held makeup bag to a routine of entirely clean products is one beauty-frontier I have been yet to face (well, up until this point).

Although I've dipped my toe — and occasionally a large portion of my face — in the natural beauty pool, most of the time, being "natural" hasn't been the active sentiment behind trying these products. It's more that I heard they were great, and the natural factor was just a happy bonus. But, as someone who practices awareness in most parts of my life, from what I use to clean my shower, to what I eat, I wanted to investigate why my makeup routine hadn't fallen under the same "wellness" scrutiny as other parts of my life.

After some consideration, I think it can be broken down to two key factors. One, I'm a product loyalist. Win me over and I'm basically yours forever (or at least that's what I say to my mascara every morning!) so, even though I'm endlessly testing products as part of my job, it's got to be something special to actually find its way into my makeup bag. And secondly, I'm fairly concerned with performance. With a strong distaste for touch-ups, I like my products to do their job well and have lasting power — something I didn't feel confident more natural products could always deliver.

In order to overcome some of my preconceptions and because I was generally curious to sub out my favourites to see how their all-natural counterparts would compare, I put my makeup bag on lock-down for a week and converted my entire routine to all-natural products, courtesy of INIKA Organic. And, let's just say, I learnt a lot.

So, after one week, what are my thoughts? Well, first up, the switch wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, I really enjoyed it and I've been left with a handful of products that I really love and am still using.

Something that did surprise me, was the sense of comfort I've derived from knowing each time I go to swipe something on my face — or lips, or eyes — that what's in my product isn't doing me any harm. And while I think that's a bigger issue in itself, being able to trust what you are putting on your skin every day is liberating. It's even made me want to re-evaluate other parts of my routine that I hadn't previously thought about.

Lastly, performance. Well, let's just say it's a non-issue! While I can't speak for a full-faced special occasion look, for the type of makeup I like to wear (natural, low-key, dewy vibes), each product I switched out fully delivered that brief, and provided the same pay-off as the products I normally wear. So, there's no need to compromise here.

Keep reading to see my favourite products from my week of testing, you know the ones that have now landed home in my tightly curated makeup bag.

I Used All-Natural Makeup For One Week and This Is What Happened
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